Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2020

Journal of applied physics honours research of Sebastian Wilczek

In order to honour particularly outstanding scientific work, the cover page of each issue is highlighted with grapics by author of an article in the current issue. The editorial office of the Journal of Applied Physics chose a cover article of Sebastian Wilczek for the recent volume.

In volume 127 of the journal, the article Electron dynamics in low pressure capacitively coupled radio frequency discharges of Sebastian Wilczek et al. is published. The content of the article is the fundamental physics of electron dynamics in a low pressure electronpositive argon discharge by means of particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo collisions simulaltions. The interplay between the fundamental plasma parameters (densities, fields, currents and temperatures) is explained by analysis with respect to the spartial and temporal dynamics. Congratulations in the success!

~Marina Prenzel, public relations CRCs