Freitag, 22. April 2011

Prof. Jan Benedikt gives an invited talk at SVC TECHCON 2011

The mission of the Society of Vacuum Coaters is “to promote technical excellence by providing a global forum to inform, educate, and engage the members, the technical community, and the public on all aspects of vacuum coating, surface engineering and related technologies.“ Part of this mission is a yearly organization of a TechCon conference, where experts from the academy and industry can present their work and meet each other. This year, the conference has been held in Chicago from April 16th – 21st and was featuring two symposia: Manufacturing and Technology for Thin Film Photovoltaics and Coating Advances and its Impact on the Future of the Vacuum Coating Industry. One of the traditional sessions was also devoted to High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering, a topic of the SFB-TR 87. Prof. Jan Benedikt was invited to give a talk with the title "Diagnostics of Low and Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas by Means of Mass Spectrometry" in the Plasma Processing session of the conference.